December 04, 2005

Freedom at last?

I can't wait till Tuesday noon. Then, Systems I will officially be over, my final paper turned in, and I'll be on break. It sounds like something completely out of this world, but I'm already fantasizing about all the things I could do both here in Chicago and in Helsinki where I'll be spending Christmas. I'll probably end up doing very little, but it even the idea of spending a whole day in a coffee-shop reading something only for pleasure or lying in my hammock listening to music, or of taking a long walk in the snow on Suomenlinna and drinking a hot glass of glögi afterwards is exhilarating. I love my work, but at times like now when I've spent the last 5 days thinking only about Hegel, Darwin and Freud and trying to figure out what they think about such a random topic as love and society it gets a bit too much.


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