August 29, 2005

Passing through Chicago

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I finished up my research in Salvador, came back to Chicago arriving a day late because I missed my flight in São Paulo, met up with my parents and drove up the east coast of Lake Michigan with them visiting several beautiful state parks with gorgeous dunes, came back to Chicago and graduated from MAPSS, and now I'm busy writing up a report on my fieldtrip and packing up my stuff. I move on Wednesday and then Thursday I fly to Finland. It's a bit crazy. It's been great but I am actually looking forward to when classes start again and atleast I'll be put in one place, maybe a bit too much though, considering how little time I had last year to even get out of the library.
Now that I'm home and have a proper internet connection again I can finally treat you to some of my photos.

These will be in reverse order now so the first ones are from graduation and Jimmies after the official celebrations.

And these are from the trip with my parents by Lake Michigan.

And here are some pics from Salvador. These are from the closing ceremony of my Candomblé´dance course.

And here finally are some photos of capoeira and my friends.


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