July 14, 2005

It´s raining again and it feels cold. But I´n sure it does me good to stay home for a change and sit in front of my computer. I finally got down to working on my thesis again yesterday, and I hope I will get it done in the next week. I am really excited about working on it, but there would be so much else to do too. But I´m trying to do my best balancing my time between writing at home and doing some anthropological fieldwork as well. So far I have two interviews under my belt and three more scheduled for the coming week. And there´s another Candomble ceremony coming up this weekend. It will be held at a teeny temple in Liberdade. I hear the place always packs up, because the ceremonies there are always so beautiful. And this one will be for the goddess of beauty and vanity, Oxum. I´m looking forward to it!
But for now, I´m off to do some capoeira. It feels so good to be training again here. I am feeling my body in a different way again after having spent the last year in the library, sweet aching pains in my muscles that tell me I´m getting strong. And my game seems to be improving too.


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