February 09, 2006

Life is like riding a bicycle...

I've been feeling a bit down for the past couple of days, overwhelmed with work, worried about where I actually am taking myself with what I am doing with my life, disillusioned with how few people there are out there who actually seem to care about anything, and then today I receive an email from an old friend I hadnt heard from for a long time, and another one with the following poem by Bruno Lais de Assis. Things are back in their right perspective again now. Life feels good, the sun is shining and I'm finally managing to be excited about something we're reading for Systems - we're reading Geertz now.

Como sobreviver na caminhada da vida
Bruna Lais de Assis

A vida é assim mesmo: lágimas, sorrisos, lágrimas, sorrisos, lágrimas, sorrisos, lágrimas, lágrimas e lágrimas.
Mas nesta caminhada só sobrevivem aqueles que conseguem fazer sua própria felicidade.
Aprenda a fazer a sua. E não se esqueça: a vida é como andar de bicicleta, só cai quem pára de pedalar. E quem pára é pisado por aqueles que caminham sem parar.
Todo mal tem um lado bom, depende de como você o vê...

Maybe its a bit cheesy, and I'm not sure that I fully agree with the idea that if you dont help yourself, others will just run over your, but still it managed to help me pull myself together today and stop moping around, and, well, I'm partial to any references to biking. I really like the idea of life being like riding a bike, you have to keep pedalling if you want it to take the form you want.

Here's a cursory translation for those of you who dont read Portuguese:

How to survive on the path of life
This is what life is: tears, smiles, tears, smiles, tears, smiles, tears, tears and tears.
But on this journey only those who can make their own happiness will survive. Learn to make your own. Just dont forget: life is like riding a bicycle, only those who stop pedalling fall. And who stops pedalling will end up being run over by those who dont stop.
Everything bad has a good side, it depends on how you look at it...


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