May 20, 2006

Hard Rock Hallelujah!

After years as the bottom of the line in the Eurovision contest Finland finally made it to the top today, and with a band of heavy metal monsters. Apparently we just hadnt found our true voice before inspite of such wonderful kitsch compilations as Armi's and Danny's I wanna love you tender that I posted for you down below.

When Lordi, the Finnish heavy metal band which members dress up in monster masks and carry chainsaws onto the stage, was first selected as Finland's representative, both concerned Finns and Greeks, the organizers of this years contest, turned to Finland's president Tarja Halonen, asking her to veto the decision. But the tone has changed now. As Helsingin Sanomat reports the monster's have come to be considered "cute" mascots for the whole competition.

Here's the video for the winning song "Hard Rock Hallelujah!

If you want to sing along the lyrics are available here


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